Retuning presents? Maximize the possibilities for deals after the holidays

The major holiday season is over which means you might have been left with presents that didn’t quite work out as planned. Especially if a clothing item didn’t fit well or is not your style, it’s perfectly fine to exchange the item. After all, most gift givers would rather see something used and enjoyed rather than put on a shelf. Here’s the problem, going to the mall around this time of a year is an absolute nightmare for returning presents. You are better off waiting, and here’s why.

First, most retailers have a pretty generous return policy, even the length of time after the item was purchased in which they will still accept an exchange. So you don’t have to rush back to the mall for your return. For example, stores such as Nordstroms and Macy’s will accept returns or exchanges at any time after the purchase. But, the key is to have a receipt. If you don’t, you may not get the full price exchanged due to discounting that might have happened after the item was purchased. Or, if you were looking for a refund in cash, they may only offer you store credit. But, depending on the store, they may be more or less lenient on that policy.

Second, on the topic of discounting, it’s fairly common knowledge that sales will happen after the holidays. Here’s why this benefits you. If you have the item receipt, you can get the full value returned for the item that didn’t work out. Then, for an item you have your eye on, it could now be on sale. Thus, you might be able to stretch that present into two at little or no cost difference. That’s savvy shopping.

Avoid this scene when returning presents


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With returns, you do want to be careful if you are frequently exchanging items. This process does cost a retailer in terms of labor or shelf space that they will have to manage to complete the transaction. While most people won’t have this issue with returning presents, you could be placed on a black list that retail organizations maintain if you frequently return a lot of items throughout the year. If on the list, in the future if you try to return an item, you may be stuck with it.

The present giving season may be over, but these tips apply all year long. And, by following this advice, you can definitely ensure that future retail purchases, especially presents, goes smoothly.

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