Walgreens Balance Rewards program helps you save money at the drugstore

Buying personal items is a fact of life, but since I want you to save money on these, you should get to know the Walgreens Balance Rewards program. I will provide a bit of insight into this great program and how it can help you.

If you aren’t familiar with Balance Rewards, like CVS ExtraCare, it is dual-pronged program with both targeted offers and savings opportunities only available to members. First, if you haven’t already, you should sign up with the program at the link above. It’s free. And, if you don’t sign up and shop at Walgreens anyway, you are missing out on chances to save money on deals only available to Balance Rewards members. Second, there are certain items on promotion that will earn you points. For example, they will run a promotion where if you buy a certain laundry detergent, you will get 2,000 points for it. So, it definitely pays to track their promotions in weekly ads.

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Credit: Walgreens

Here’s where saving even more money comes into play, too. In addition to the savings you received for being a member on certain items, you can cash in your points for $/off your total bill. Once you hit 5,000 points, you can get $5 off your bill. 10,000 points = $10, and so on. And, not only that, if you have used coupons from either Walgreens or another source, you can get additional discounts, too. We are now talking serious savings impact without the craziness of extreme couponing.

Balance Rewards can help you save money

Let’s face it, buying personal items, toiletries, etc. is annoying, but a fact of life. You might as well to try to save money using Balance Rewards and other similar programs.

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  1. I’ve been bargain shopping at Wags for a long time. Currently, the weekly ads and Balance Rewards problems are a joke. Yes, when the getting was good, I took advantage and stocked up. However, Wags no longer offer the AARP monthly discount on sales or discount items. Plus, one can’t receive the discount on cell phone cards. Best to work to >40,000 Balance Rewards points and get $50 credit at the register.

  2. Hi Kas,

    Well, I think there are a few things to consider here. First, the economy is getting better, so discounting isn’t as much as a requirement to get people in the store as it used to be. Second, you should still be able to take advantage of a variety of coupon options with Walgreens in store coupons, paper coupons, and other digital coupons. I’d be glad to help steer you to these.

    Thanks for reading!

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