Reducing your Spending Part 1: Ways to Save Money at CVS

As I wrote a few days ago after reviewing my spending from 2014, I wanted to demonstrate ways to save money on your everyday expenses. Of the main categories where I was spending the money last year, this is an easy area to target. Today, I will discuss how to save money at CVS, which essentially can apply to Walgreens and RiteAid, too, for your drugstore and light grocery-type and household purchases.

Yesterday, in my email inbox, I received a summary from CVS regarding how much money I saved last year. Apparently, I am in their top 5% savers category. So, when I received this, I was pretty excited:[gview file=””] Here’s how I did it, which was really not that hard, and so can you.

From the email, CVS broke out how much I saved this past year by savings category. I essentially combined three factors to take a serious bite out of the cost of household products: ExtraSavings promotions, ExtraBucks, and other coupons. There are a few key items here that you should be aware of. First, one of the main ways to save money at CVS is to sign up for their ExtraCare card rewards program. Each purchase, with some limitations, nets you 2% in their ExtraBucks rewards program (I use the term interchangeably with ExtraCare). After each quarter, you can cash out these either at home on or at the store with their coupon printer. These bucks are as good as cash, but do expire after a certain time.

Second, as indicated in the email, there were special promotions that were only available to ExtraCare card holders. Buy 1 get 1 (BOGO, as it’s called), 1/2 off etc. Special coupons, such as 30% off your store total, up to ~ $90 in savings, give or take were offered, too. These come via email and snail mail and are quite fun to watch when they slice dollars off your total bill.

Third, visit before you shop because they do have exclusive coupons for you that are available either to be printed online or zapped to your card. If possible, I always have them sent to my card so I don’t have to worry about bringing in the coupon.

Ways to save money at CVS are as simple as finding this guy

You should always look for the coupon machine at CVS. Not only can you check prices with it, but it will also spit out coupons and ExtraCare bucks for you to use in store. It’s a must stop.

ways to save moneyFinally, the time-tested, tried and true method for saving money at CVS (and elsewhere) is to find coupons yourself ahead of time. You can find them here. Combine them with a promotional savings offer and you are really taking a whack at knocking off the price of your everyday items.

There are many ways to save money at CVS and other drug and grocery store shopping locations. Combine these tips together, along with some careful planning, and that tube of toothpaste might not cost you $1.50 or less vs $3. Be sure to listen to an upcoming bonus Consumer’s Edge podcast tip that will help you save even more.

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