Reducing Your Spending Part III: Ways to Save Money on Entertainment

In my continuing series on ways to save money on everyday expenses, today I will focus on how you can save money cutting your cable bill. I have written or spoken about this topic several times: here, here, and here, in the past but there’s now a new tool to help you see how much you are spending on cable and what your potential options are.

From the Lifehacker blog, which references a post, Slate has developed a calculator that can help you make the decision to cut cable out of your life. It doesn’t tell you what you’d be giving up, like Live from the Red Carpet on the E! Channel, but it’s revealing. I have embedded my results here.

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ways to save money

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Some of the options you have for cutting cable out of your life include using streaming services like Netflix and Amazon. Both offer pretty extensive libraries, and are now really starting to receive critical acclaim for their original programming.

Cutting cable is one of the key ways to save money

It was eye-opening to see how I’d save over $450 a year by cutting out cable. I am just about there, but still need to convince Mrs. Edge that this is one of the best, and easiest, ways to save money. I will report back when that happens, but don’t hold your breath.

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