Reducing Your Spending Part IV: Ways to Save Money Using Your Credit Card

Now, the post’s title may sound ironic, but one of my newest favorite ways to save money is by using my credit card. Now, I am not just talking about the points or cash back one might earn by using a loyalty program credit card, but savings offers you might receive by using credit card discount programs such as AMEX Sync and others. For simplicity, we’ll just discuss the Sync program in detail. As per usual, first, a little background.

For holders of American Express credit cards, and a few select debit cards, Serve and Bluebird, you are eligible for their “sync” program. Their sync program will help you save money on a rotating list of stores by rewarding you with statement credits when you buy a certain amount, say $100, on products or services. Typically, $25 is what is offered. But, it could be higher, if you spend more than $100, as I have seen. It works like this. First, you need to pull up your account on Second, you need to locate the tab at the bottom of the screen that says “Offers.” Third, and most importantly, you must “add” the offer to the card before making the purchase. I am going to shoot a short video soon that will provide a demo of how this works. In the mean time, check out this screen shot above:

It usually works fairly seamlessly, but you do have to make sure the transaction goes through properly, use the right AMEX card, and also spend the minimum amount in one purchase. For this last point, you cannot make multiple purchases on separate occasions at a store and receive the bonus. 

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Credit: American Express


Credit card offers are one of my favorite ways to save money

Here is where I have applied this offer recently to something that I would purchase anyway. AMEX is currently offering a promotion at Staples that if you spend a $100 or more, you will trigger a $25 statement credit. According to a post I read earlier on the Dealswelike blog, there are a number of gift cards that are available. Find one that you know you would use and anyway and now you have instant savings!

For one of the newest and easiest ways to save money, credit card-based offers are definitely a top choice of mine. I expect to see more of these types of programs roll out in the future as consumers get more in the habit of checking bank, credit card, and loyalty program sites before they shop. No one wants to miss a good deal, especially this guy.

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