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This past week, I was featured in an article in Open Mobile Media about using my smartphone to make mobile payments on Black Friday. You can read the article here.

In the article written by Susan Kuchinskas, she reported out that mobile payment methods still have not quite taken off yet by the masses, but show future promise. That can be attributed to demographics, in my opinion. But, I think there also needs to be a bit more education from the mobile wallet industry on how to use these platforms. Typically, there are a few steps involved in setting up and using mobile wallets, which might turn off some consumers who’d rather just whip out a credit card or cash, pay, and be done with their transaction.

Mobile payments and wallets expansion

I’d like to see more targeted advertising and instruction to less tech savvy consumers to help them understand how mobile payments and wallets work. I learned intuitively how these work by both seeing the payment terminals and visiting the websites for Google Wallet, Softcard, and Apple Pay. But, not everyone is going to do that and easily see how mobile wallets can really save them a lot of effort, time, and even money without more detailed instruction. By educating the masses, this will certainly help open the market up and provide incentives for further innovation in mobile payments.

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