Watch your snail mail for great offers

Why snail mail is becoming less of an influence in our daily communication and pretty much now only good for magazine and odd bills, it still has some virtues. Yesterday, I got a great offer from Discover Card for $100 cash back if I spend $1000 by March 31, 2015 because I haven’t used my card in a while. Now, as we learned yesterday, my wife and I are trying to cut back, but I am pretty confident that within the next three months we will spend $1000. The best part is that I am not sure what Discover’s definition for “in a number of months” because I used this card back in December, and it’s only January.

Great offers in the mail

I wasn’t expecting this. Forget the fact that I had just used this card and don’t think I am one of those customers that they are trying to lure back. I am more surprised that I still see in my mailbox promotional offers from credit card companies and banks. I get the occasional promotional letter from Bank of America, but they are usually not that enticing or relevant.


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But, the keep take away is that companies may find that online promotion is still not the only method for reaching you through the “noise” of communication. The next time you receive something in the mail from your bank, credit card, or even drug store, you should definitely check it out.


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