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Readers of this blog know that I am always on the hunt for savings, cash back, or loyalty points earning opportunities when I shop. Recently, I received an email from Discover which reminded me why it’s worth spending a few minutes to hunt for rebates and other deals while you shop. With the 5% bonus they were promoting, I received $18 on a ~ $200 purchase. Score! Getting a rebate while shopping online is just as good as saving money. Here is the actual email I received in the screen shot below:

cash back




Cash back from shopping will save you money!

While I do have the Discover Card, and specifically used it to buy a jacket, the cash rebate concept works with any credit card when you purchase an item through a shopping portal. Obviously, if you want cash on top of cash when shopping online, use a cash rebating credit card. If you are looking to earn other loyalty points, then you can use another points earning card instead.

Finding these cash back opportunities is actually pretty easy. I use two sites: Evreward and Cashbackholics. They both serve as aggregators of these offerings so you can easily see who provides the most bang for your buck.

While the sites are fairly up-to-date, specific sites, such as Ebates, Topcashback, or Mr. Rebates, may offer more or less cash then what Evreward or Cashbackholic say when you actually visit them. Evreward and Cashbackholic serve as pass throughs or a portal of portals, if you will, for these sites.

Whether its cash back or other loyalty points you wish to seek, it definitely pays to spend a few minutes searching for any bonus offerings before making a purchase. The rebate just may be the difference between lowering your final cost over a more expensive option.


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