How to avoid overpaying on just about anything

Let’s face it, we can probably always get a better deal on just about anything we buy. But, we get lazy, we want it now, and it just doesn’t seem to be worth the effort to hunt for the best offer. Here’s one solution to avoid overpaying: discounted gift cards. I have discussed discounted gift cards previously, but it is worth a repeat. If you are planning already to buy something online or in store at a major retailer, there’s a strong chance that there is a discounted gift card available.

Let’s break this down into simpler terms: money at a discount! Say you want to buy an item at a major department store and there’s a discounted gift card available for 15% off. That’s 15% that you don’t have to surrender from your wallet. If you were going to buy something anyway, why wouldn’t you see if there’s a discounted gift card for that purchase? Now, you can be less concerned about paying too much!

An easy tool to help prevent you from overpaying


Credit: Pick2Pay

Ok, do I have your attention? But, wait. How can I avoid overpaying for common items without spending considerable time in looking for deals, especially when I am not at home? Simple. Enter the Pick2Pay mobile app. I have discussed Pick2Pay before because I have used it to quickly match retailers with discounted gift cards and points or cash back earning credit cards to really save some dough. You should, too.

Considering that Valentine’s Day is coming up, today, I used the app to see what kind of deals I could get at a major department store. It was very easy to do. I looked up the store and quickly saw that by combining my existing American Express credit card with a discounted e-gift card, I could easily save 17% off whatever I buy at that store. Not a bad return on your time invested in tracking this deal down!

By combining discounted gift cards with your preferred payment method, it’s possible to avoid overpaying for just about anything, at anytime.

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  1. I won’t name the web site; but I had checked the box to get an email when this gift card seller had cards from a certain merchant. Well I got notices, even two or three a day, except each time the gift card has just sold out. My first email was business like and the reply back was oh well, those cards are very popular. The next time my wording was nasty, again they sent back a bs answer and began blocking the web site. If a B&M must follow certain business practices, including having adequate supply of a sale item or state a limit, then web site merchants should be held to the same standards.

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