If you can’t cut cable tv, negotiate!

For some time, I have been discussing ways how you can cut your cable bill to save hundreds of dollars a year. Cutting cable can be challenging, because for many, it’s a guilty pleasure and it can be tough to beat sometimes after a long day when you just want to veg and not think about anything. So, if you cannot quite cut cable tv out of your life, what can you do?

I have mentioned getting Netflix and Amazon Prime before, which are two great services at a touch of a button. (Amazon, you might want to change your tv app interface, FYI, it’s not good.) But, many folks still want that always-on broadcast. Streaming shows is great, if you are savvy, but not all of us are, or have a good setup for that. What should you do?

Negotiate cable tv prices!

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How many times have you called your cable tv provider and threatened to quit? Ever? If you haven’t, you should. With emerging Internet/TV options, traditional cable television is becoming a bit antiquated in concept. Why should you have to pay for channels that you don’t want to watch? Here’s what you need to do. First, visit your cable tv provider’s website, or pick up any promotional material they have. Sunday newspapers are a great source. Second, see what deals they are currently offering. Ever notice that all of the best deals are for new customers? Kind of a raw deal, eh? Doesn’t have to be. Use that info in your pitch to get something more from your cable tv provider. Today, I visited my provider’s website and saw that they were offering 110 mps Internet speed. I only have 50. Ring, ring, it’s the Consumer’s Edge calling. What can you offer me?

Since Mrs. Edge and I cannot quite agree that cutting out the Bravo channel would be better for our mental health, we still have cable. So, tonight, as you should too, I called the cable company. After an exchange of pleasantries, I asked what they could offer me. Now, granted, I have been a customer for 10 years, which means I probably put one of their kids part way through college at this point, so I asked if I could get the 110mps package. Not only did they agree, but they lowered by monthly bill by about $20. Score! Now, I have double my speed at less cost. For the not-quite-going-to-cut-the-cord types, that’s a victory.

Cable tv is probably going to remain in my life and yours for the near term. But, the good news is that are increasingly greater options for those who can cut the cord today. However, if you cannot do so, don’t forget to exercise the power of your voice and negotiate. If you don’t like what you hear, vote with your feet and walk away.


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