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If you sit at a computer all day, probably the last thing you care about is having the latest office software product installed at home. But, what if you still need to crunch numbers on a spreadsheet or update your resume without relying on your office computer? The answer is free software in the cloud from major companies, such as Google and Microsoft. I have used Google Docs quite a bit, but there are others, such as Microsoft Office Online, that areĀ also great alternatives to a full Office Suite software package that would normally cost $ hundreds. Let’s take a look at Google Docs.

First, to use either, you need a Gmail account. Free and easy, and you probably already have one. Next, dial up Google Drive, which serves as the platform and storage directory for the files you create. From there, choose from the spreadsheet tool, “Google Sheets,” word processor, “Google Docs,” presentation tool,”Google Slides,” or other options, such as database creation. I have used Google Docs for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations and it is very useful for creating and editing documents on-the-go which is not something as easily done without lugging a laptop around. From my experience, for a free software alternative that is always available via the cloud, Google Docs is a solid choice.

Great free software alternative

What is also great about Google Docs is that the files you create are very portable. You can share with other collaborators, or download the file as a PDF or standard Microsoft document file. If you do export a file, I recommend PDF as in my experience, going back and forth between Google Docs and standard Microsoft Office files creates occasional formatting issues. If you want to edit the file in an outside product, you can always re-upload it for later use.

The next time you need to create a document on home that you need to access and edit easily on-the-go, look no further than free alternatives to traditional software such as Google Drive.

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