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If you are a Verizon Wireless customer, be on the look out for a new offer for more data at your same monthly rate. A few weeks ago, we got a letter from Verizon promoting “Get 1GB of Extra Data for the Same Price.” Of course, I was intrigued. Currently, we pay about $60/3GB for our “More Everything Plan.” We are moderate data users, so this is about all we need. But, with an offer for 4GB at the same price, why not look into it?

After logging on to Verizon, I saw the offer and it said “my current plan was no longer available.”

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This got me wondering, what if I did select my current 3GB plan as my “new plan”? They were now offering that plan for $10 less than what we are¬†currently paying. Since I don’t think we’d need 4GB, I “downgraded” and now am reaping a $10/month savings for my same plan of 3GB. Score! Perhaps data has gotten cheaper or competition has heated up among other providers. Whatever the reason, I didn’t care, and neither would most people if they can get more data at the same price, or shave a few bucks off a regular expense.

Is your cellular service offering more data?

We all know that subscribing to cell service often involves lengthy contracts, about 2 years. So, if your current carrier is not throwing promotions at you, and your contract is set to expire, see if you can negotiate a better deal for more data, a customer loyalty discount, or some other incentive such as a new phone. If not, drop them!

Leave me comment a tell me how you have negotiated a better deal with your cell service.

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