Get a bargain with online prices, even at the store

It’s a always a smart strategy before shopping at a brick and mortar store to visit their website. You might get a bargain with promos they are advertising online, even if they are not valid in-store. Case in point, this past week Mrs. Edge needed some summer work clothes from Ann Taylor. Before she left for the store, I did a quick search and noticed that they had a Cyber Monday promotion for 50% off. I mentioned it to her just in case she might get a bargain by offering the deal in-store, too.

It turns out that the deal was only good for online purchases, but this didn’t stop my savvy wife from asking about honoring the deal anyway. So, after trying on the clothes, the store rep simply scanned the bar code and offered the deal to her. Score! The only catch was that she would have to wait for them to ship. Not a problem. Even though it was supposed to take a week, the clothes arrived today, Wednesday.

Get a bargain just by asking

get a bargainThe lesson learned here is that it never hurts to ask for a deal. While the store rep might have insisted that my wife buy the clothes online, they were nice to enough to do it for her, ensuring she got a huge savings on the same outfit otherwise offered full price. And, on top of the deal she received, she was able to try on the clothes to make sure they fit before she bought them. Buying clothes online is a bit of a gamble as it is, especially without free shipping.

Another good tip is to uncover the “hidden” deal, too. It never hurts to ask a store employee if there are any unadvertised promotions available. You might get a bargain if they are looking to reduce seasonal inventory, or if they are trying to compete with a rival store. Just ask!

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