How to find local coupons

Finding coupons for just about anything you can think of has become pretty easy due to the Internet. Search Retailmenot for online, promotion code, or printable coupons. Search or Savings Star for primarily grocery coupons. And, look for coupon inserts in major newspapers on Sundays for any number of other consumer products and grocery items. But, what about local coupons? And, what I mean are coupons for products or services that are not widely available that you will find at mom and pop stores or other local chain stores. Let’s discuss a few resources.

First, for local shopping, the best source for coupons is your local newspaper, perhaps that one that is free and comes only once a week. They need advertisers like everyone else, so they will often put coupons in the back section pages. I recently found coupons for my car wash that were actually better deals than the ones that the car wash itself gave me after the last time I used them.

Second, and speaking of which, the establishment itself is another common place to find local coupons. Not only could they have coupons for that particular store, but perhaps they have a partnership with another local one nearby and are cross-promoting. Be sure to look for those as well.

Travel mag coupons


Credit: Where

Third, a little less commonly thought of location, travel magazines, specifically “where.” If you live in a major city, there’s a chance that where has a publication for your local area. Doesn’t matter if you are a resident, typically, they might have discounts for just saying that you saw their ad, or will have a coupon that you can tear out.

The web has made it immensely easy to find coupons, but there are still the more traditional avenues for savings as well. Let me know by leaving a comment where you have seen other coupons available that I might have missed.

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