“Plenti” is the new rewards program that might change everything

Especially if you are an American Express card holder, you might have heard about a new rewards program, Plenti, that launched a few months ago. This may be a game changer as far as loyalty programs go. Not only is American Express a backer of the combination online/in store shopping program, but it is partnering up with several other big names in retail such as Exxon, Rite Aid, Macy’s and others to bring consumers a “universal” rewards program.

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Credit: Businesswire and Plenti

Not only can you earn points with several different retail partners in this program, but you can also spend the currency across most of them as well. Some partners only allow just earning opportunities for now. For me, that’s huge. Instead of earning points that you may never be able to cash in due to high thresholds, now you have more options.

Here is how the Plenti rewards program works

Plenti is free and a snap to join. And, what’s also awesome is that Plenti will give you more opportunities for discounts and deals that you already have with existing loyalty programs. For example, if you are earning gas points at Safeway good for Exxon fuel discounts, you will still earn these along with Plenti points that you earn at the pump. Now, you have even more rewards programs that can help you save on gas money. There will be definitely be opportunities to “double dip” with this program. I will be on the hunt for those.

I hope to see a trend here in terms of universal currency loyalty program rollouts. I think consumers will be more convinced to join programs when they see easy earning and redeeming opportunities, especially across multiple options.



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  1. So far, not that really impressed. Although I did find application forms with card/tag at a FL Exxon fuel pump.

  2. Thanks for responding Kevin, and reading! Yes, Plenti will probably have a somewhat slow rollout until more traction is built by sign ups and partner interest. At that point, benefits could increase as consumers demand more from the program.

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