It’s almost the dog days of summer and my energy is low

We are heading towards the dog days of summer which for many on the East Coast, it’s nearly 100 degrees and humid. What’s worse is that I have less energy for household maintenance, hot public transporation rides, and lines at the grocery store. So, I have been using several of my favorite services to shore up my lethargy: Handy for housekeeping, Uber for driving, and Instacart for groceries. You might have heard about Uber and Handy, but let’s revisit Instacart because things just got more interesting.

Previously, I wrote about Instacart, the online grocery delivery service. Instacart partners with several grocery stores to bring the online grocery shopping experience to you. And, the service is becoming a stronger value proposition. Recently, Instacart began providing a price comparison between in store and online shopping. For example, if you want to buy Saffron Road lunches from Whole Foods, Instacart will tell you when you are paying the same price if you were to have bought them at the store.

Another cool feature they have offered is a flat rate delivery option, like Amazon Prime, for $99/year. Normally, the Instacart delivery price varies between $3.99 and $7.99 depending on the amount of food you order and the delivery window. Currently, Instacart is offering a two week free trial of their flat rate delivery service, so I gave it a try today. Already, it saved me the $4 delivery charge, which helps blunt the added expense of tipping (suggested) and other potential mark-ups. Instacart tries to keep the prices at the retailer’s cost but does increase them on some items.¬†For $99/year, that would mean approximately 25 deliveries would be your break-even point to make this worth it. That essentially means grocery delivery of over $35 (their minimum for this deal) once every two weeks. For families, that’s probably WAY too infrequent. For single dwellers, that might be just fine. You have to determine your eating out schedule and motivation to go to the grocery store to see if the $99 is worth the cost of convenience.

Instacart can help you beat the dog days of summer

dog days of summer

Credit: Instacart

Having tried the service again today, I was reminded how easy it was for me to get groceries and avoid the hassles of going to the grocery store. It was hot, so I really didn’t feel like leaving my house. My only wish is to be able to use coupons, which you cannot currently. However, if you value your time over potential money savings, and beating the heat, Instacart, and other similar concept services, are worth it.

If you join Instacart through my link (thank you) you will receive free delivery + $10 off your first order.



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