Summer bummer, don’t get burned by using the wrong healthcare product

In another summer-themed post, today I am going to discuss one of the reasons why doing research before buying healthcare products is so important. This one is a real let down. CBS today had an article about how certain sunscreen products may not be as strong as advertised. They cite a Consumer Reports study of sunscreens that found ‘””About a third of the sunscreens [they] tested this year did not meet their SPF claims,”‘ That’s unsettling.

In their study, they tested 34 sunscreens for a variety of factors: UVA/UVB (ultraviolet light exposure) and other factors by applying the tested product on a plate and shining light through it. The full Consumer Reports article is only available to subscribers, but you can read their sunscreen buying guide. The CBS article did not publish the list of recommended products. So, I will have to hunt that down.

Healthcare product research is important

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The above story is but one of many examples that when buying an everyday product like sunscreen, one might forget to do a little homework first. Consumer Reports also published a study on the effectiveness of toothbrushes. Again, not something to give too much thought. But, overtime, poor products can have a lasting healthcare impact. So, consider spending a few minutes before your next health-related purchase to see how effective it really is.

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