Update on missing credit card points

A few days ago, I wrote that Chase did not register my credit card transaction correctly as a restaurant purchase resulting in my receiving only half the points to which I was entitled. After sending a message to customer service, I am pleased to report success in getting them to acknowledge an error. In this case, it was a Square transaction that was registered to “a person” and not a business. No telling why that was the case. Perhaps this “person” was trying to avoid swipe fees or taxes by not registering as a business.

Credit card customer service works!
credit card

There are two points here, no pun intended, to take away: 1) you may be missing out on bonus points, so check your statements; 2) if you are diligent, contact customer service anytime something doesn’t go right with a transaction. It’s pretty easy to get a hold of a human being now, ironically, with the digital age. Calling may not work, but emailing, Tweeting, Facebooking, or contacting via a company website works.

You deserve the best in customer service, folks!

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