How to save money on gym memberships

A few days ago, I provided some tips and examples of how to save money on spa treatments. Today, I am going to provide some tips on saving money on a more common health regimen expenditure – gym memberships. Just as with spa treatments, there are options for you to consider before committing to a membership. Let’s discuss these and some ways to save money on them.

Choosing the type of gym membership is key. Do you have access to multiple gyms? Are the gym hours consistent with your schedule, or more limited? Are there limited facilities and equipment? A bargain basement gym membership may only provide access to just the weights and fitness gear, whereas a more inclusive price may include pools, classes, and access to personal trainers.

Save money while getting a work out

save money on gym membershhips

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When you have narrowed down what you are looking for in a gym, consider the cost, of course. Is there a minimum contract to sign (note: gym memberships really are just contracts) that requires you to commit to six months with an early cancellation fee? Are you required to provide money down when you first join? For example, “Join today for $100 and pay $50/month thereafter.” Consider that as well.

Finally, just as with spa treatments, research your health care provider or employee benefits to see if there is a discounted option there, too. You might find a deal where they waive membership down payments, reduce monthly dues, or provide some other perks. It pays to look.

What’s most important overall, is to go to the gym. No matter how low of a monthly cost membership dues are, if you don’t go, it’s a total waste of money. To see if a gym membership is right for you period, see if the gym will offer a free trial or day pass. That way, you can try out a few gyms to see if one is more suitable than another.

Finally, if you really feel like you can’t commit to any member option but just want to go use a gym facility on occasion for a class or other offering, ask if you can purchase one time day passes. They might cost $20 or so, but that’s better than being locked into a contract.

Give your wallet a workout break before committing to an expensive gym membership. These tips can help ensure you save money and stay fit.

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