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TrackIf helps you find the best time to buy

Knowing the best time to buy a product or service is an art and science that I will continue to pursue for a long time. If you have to buy something, like food, it’s a little harder to sit around and wait for prices to drop. But, if you can wait to buy something, or are looking for the best time to buy stock up items like razors, there are tools that can help here. In addition to previously mentioned Paribus, which will give you a refund if a price goes down after you buy something, track if is another tool I use to help me get the best deal. Let’s take a look today.

First, trackif is free and easy to use. Just register and input the product that you are looking to watch. Next, as the prices fluctuate, which they do, trackif will send you an email every time it does. Along with it, a link to a price history. For my example, I tracked razor blades and was surprised at how much the price changed over time as you will see in this picture. Now, razors may be an odd example but since you can track just about any item, why not?

best time to buy










The best time to buy might not be now

In my example, I started “watching” Schick Razors at Amazon back in June. Then, the time to buy was July. For some reason, the price dropped more than half from its current $13.48 to $5.29! I should have bought! Since then, there have been some wild fluctuations. Just a few days ago, the razors were down to $5.91 but since I don’t need any at the moment for the forseeable future, I didn’t jump.

The takeaway here is that prices DO change. You don’t always have to jump on something, but it may be a while before you see relatively low prices again. What I would like to see with trackif is a shopping list importation feature. That way, I can get a really good handle on typical purchases to make sure I don’t overpay. Right now, you have to manually copy and paste a web address with the product you are trying to track, or install their trackif button to do that for you.

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