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Why Plenti is my new favorite loyalty program

Readers know that I love loyalty programs. Getting a little something back for what you would be buying anyway is a great way to reward steady customers. Plus, it’s fun to watch your points stack up. Although Plenti has been out for a little while, I have now become pretty excited about this multi-partner rewards platform. Here’s why.

loyalty program
Plenti loyalty program

Plenti is a “universal currency” loyalty program. Currently, it has multiple partners, including American Express, Exxon, Rite Aid, Macy’s, and others. While you can’t earn and burn entirely interchangeably throughout their partner network (Note to Plenti: work on that), when you do earn Plenti points, they can be spent on a variety of different products and services. Yesterday, I was filling up my car at Exxon and when I put in my Plenti card, it asked me “You have 900 points, would you like $9 off today?” Yes, please! So, after filling up the car, which was about $40, I printed the receipt which has the original and final amount highlighted just to verify that it went through. Success!

Especially for other gas loyalty programs out there, such as Fuel Rewards, grocery store gas programs, and even credit cards, 22% savings is pretty good. I haven’t redeemed Plenti points yet for any other partners, but in the future, hope to do so.

The sign up process is simple enough. And once you do, visit the Plenti page often as new partners and offers continue to roll out. Some offers have to be “added” to your card before you can earn points.

The bottom line here, again, is to sign up for every loyalty program that is thrown at you. You might be pleasantly surprised as I was yesterday when you cash the points in.


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