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For Android-based smartphone users, now is the time to sign up for their mobile wallet app, Android Pay to take advantage of great promotional offers. Stores, taxis, and other POS (Point of Sale) systems accept mobile payments now. As I tweeted about the other day, Android’s wallet app is currently offering several promotions for a variety of products and services – presumably for a limited time. The idea, much like with the former Softcard “wallet,” is to incentivize usage. Back then, they offered promotions for $ off each time you used your phone to pay for goods and services. It was a great rebate.

The other day, I received a promotion from Lyft, the share car provider, to get me to switch to Pay as my preferred payment method.  Currently, they are offering $10 just for trying out the wallet app. This means that if you sign up for Lyft, and then sign up for Android Pay, you should receive a free ride credit + $10.


Android Pay

Get offers like these!

 How Android Pay works

For smartphone users who haven’t paid by phone, this video is a really helpful guide.

Bottom line, look for more offers to roll out as the Android wallet seeks traction and acceptance.

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