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Let’s be honest, each year you might work for an employer that drops a load of information about health care, retirement plans, and other benefit plans all at once during open enrollment season. You get through the important items but after fatigue, you may overlook other options for you to save money. I have completely forgotten about a program my employer offers, from Working Advantage, until I was clearing out email one day and came across my registration info. And wow, I have been missing some good discounts!

One of my primary tactics to save money is to use discount gift cards, but the savings for movie tickets that I can typically get on Raise or paled in comparison to this offer from Working Advantage: AMC movie tickets at up to 35% off vs. my typical 20%!


save money

Save 35% on movies!

Are you eligible to save money with this discount program?

waThere’s only one way to tell. Visit Working Advantage, enter your company’s email address, and see if your employer is listed. If not, don’t worry. There’s a chance that your company participates in another similar program, or equivalent discounts are available to you otherwise. For example, AAA, which I have written about before, has many discounts available to all members that are similar to what Working Advantage offers. I can ALWAYS help you save money, so if all else is not possible, there are still coupons, discount gift cards, and other strategies I can teach you. You might want to spend a few minutes reading my lessons.

Bottom line, don’t forget to check your company’s benefit literature to see if there are any discount programs to which you might not be aware, or even worse, forgotten.

What discount programs does your employer offer? Leave me a comment and let me know.


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