Saving money after the holidays

The holiday shopping season has been in full swing for a few weeks now, and between Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, it might seem like the best deals are already passed. Maybe not. I am already starting to see promotions for after Christmas shopping from stores like Macy’s which means that there are opportunities for saving money ahead.

saving money

You don’t need to rush to the mall!

Since not everyone celebrates Christmas, it may pay for you to wait a bit until after the holiday shopping season settles. Smart shoppers know that whatever out of season clothing, “older” technology, and other time-sensitive purchases that don’t get sold will be marked down after the holidays. So, if saving money is your goal, but you still want gifts to give, consider waiting a bit after the holidays and give gifts then.

Always available tips for saving money

Even without marked down items, it’s still possible to save 10-20% or more everyday using a combination of the tools I have discussed such as discount gift cards, credit card-based promotions such as AMEX Sync, Visa, and Discover Deals.┬áIn fact, just about before any purchase I make online, I always check current credit card promotions to see what’s available. Consider getting into that habit by looking at my Shopping Tools page.

Of course, you should always look for coupons, too, either for the grocery store, other brick and mortar stores (Bed Bath and Beyond sends me 20% off coupons all of the time), and for online shopping.

Bottom line, don’t get caught up in ALL of the hype during the holiday season and think that there are only limited opportunities for saving money. With these tips, you can find deals all year round.

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