Super bowl food buying and how to reduce your costs

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, without a doubt one of the biggest events of the year. From food consumption to advertising to viewership, it’s a force. A few fun acts about the day will give you pause as to what the financial impact is on your wallet (if you are the average American). According to a Chicago Now piece, you will be among consumers of 1.3 billion chicken wings, $10.8 billion in beer purchases, and $2.37 million in soda (actually seems low). ¬†Seem like a lot, yep, but it doesn’t mean you need to pay full price for these purchases. Here’s how to avoid that Super Bowl binge fall out.

Super bowl purchasing tips

super bowl

You might be eating a lot today, but you can avoid spending a lot, too

First, let’s look at where you are going to shop first. You definitely want to hit the larger grocery stores for the Big Day. Safeway, Kroger, etc. Let’s skip your niche store today. Second, don’t forget to look for discounted gift cards. A search on Gift Card Granny showed Meijer cards that range from 1% to 2% off. Not a huge savings, but if you are going to shop at that store, you might as well start ahead of the game. Third, don’t forget coupons. They are getting easier to find and redeem all of the time thanks to card linked offers, loyalty programs, and self printing coupons. Check¬†out my page for several options. Finally, especially if gift card buying is not for you, and you can obtain it, get the best credit card for grocery shopping. American Express Everyday Preferred pays 6% in refunds on grocery store purchases, up to $6,000 in purchases. Even with the annual fee ($75) it’s easy to more than recoup that cost.

After the Super Bowl is over, you can still apply these tips and strategies for future grocery shopping.

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