An update on my attempt to save money on my monthly bills

Last week, I discussed that I was going to try to save money on some of my monthly bills by negotiating with the service providers. I targeted three principal offenders – cable, mobile, and car insurance. Car insurance is legally necessary, and of course phones are hard to live without. Internet is practically on the same, if not higher, priority than a phone. Data plans are somewhat unnecessary but really convenient. However, since Internet service can be costly without bundling it with cable t.v., a viable alternative is still somewhat elusive for home use. This week, I wanted to provide on an update on my progress.

I am please to report that 2 out of 2 attempts to save money on services so far have been successful! My car insurance company and I keep playing phone tag, so I have nothing to report there, yet.

Save money easily by calling these providers and negotiating

Verizon –                                           Before: $145

save money

Verizon told me about plans I didn’t even know existed

After:   $110

Total Savings: $35 or 25%






save money

Our regional Internet / cable provider played ball

RCN –  Before: $165

After:  $155

Total Savings: $10 or 6%



Keep in mind that these are monthly savings, so annually, we are looking at $540! And, I haven’t even gotten around to negotiating with my insurance provider yet to try to save there. But, I am pretty confident I can knock down the premium they charge me.

When I discussed the various negotiation methods to save money, I was thinking my strategy would include playing the loyalty card since I have had these providers for years. Their service is overall good so I didn’t think it was necessary to try to quit them as a tactic in my case. If you have had any particular service provider for a while and you aren’t happy with them, then by all means threaten to quit as a tactic. Overall, the takeaway is that YOU are more empowered to save on monthly bills than you thought possible. It just takes a small bit of research, or a convincing argument at least, that your bills are too high.


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