Save money on Mother’s Day 2016 flowers

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the barrage of ads, Mother’s Day is fast approaching – May 8. But don’t panic as I have got you covered on how to save money on Mother’s Day flowers. And, unless you are fortunate to live close enough to hand deliver them to your Mom (not me), you are likely going to pay a premium for service charges/delivery fees. Here’s what you can do.

First, before any online purchase, you should definitely hunt for a shopping portal that will pay you cash back or frequent flyer miles for your purchase. Today, I used Mr. Rebates because they were promoting 15% cash back at 1-800-Flowers. Save money right off the bat with 15% off your total bill! Ok, here’s the somewhat hard part though: get an idea of what you are looking for flower wise first. Does you Mom like tulips? Perfect. Keep that in mind when you are searching the big sites like FTD and 1-800 Flowers. Next, you are going to want to sort by price to get a starting point for what you are wiling to spend. There are definitely a few tricks employed by sites like FTD to steer you towards higher prices. For example, what may look like $59.99 for tulips might be for 30 of them. If you dig a little deeper, you can see that the same tulips can be bought for $39.99, for 15 of them. Mom won’t mind a few less tulips.

Save money easily by searching by lowest price first

save money

Credit: 1-800 Flowers

Got your flowers in mind? Great. Ok, here are the next few hurdles that might trip you up. Depending on what day of the week you are looking to have the flowers delivered, the price definitely goes up. For example, send flowers on that Thursday before Mother’s Day and the service charge is less than what it would be if you were to have the flowers shipped on Saturday. Here’s a tip. Make yourself look better than your siblings by sending the flowers EARLY. Not only will you look good and save money, your Mom will love your initiative, and your siblings will be jealous of the attention you get.

Before pushing send on the order. It definitely pays to see what discounted gift cards might be available for purchase as well. In my experience, it was cheaper to buy from 1-800 Flowers because there were discounted gift cards available at Gift Card Granny at up to 50% off. FTD had only one option available. (Tip: make sure the gift card is for online use. These come in the form of ecodes or egift vouchers and have a long string of numbers and a PIN to use. If you accidentally buy a physical, plastic gift card, it may not work online. Don’t forget to use the gift card when checking out.)

Ok, I know you’re getting anxious, but were not done yet. With any online shopping, you also want to see if there are any promo or coupon codes available. This is pretty easy. Download the Coupons at Checkout or Honey plug ins and they will do the hard searching for you. I have discussed these apps before and they are phenomenal tools.

Last thing to keep in mind is providing your phone number as the “recipient.” This is because if there’s an issue with the order delivery, you don’t want your Mom to have to deal with it. It is possible to save money on flowers. Follow these tips and everyone will be happy!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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