An update on contesting a rental car charge with my credit card

A few months ago, I had indicated that I was going to contest a charge with my credit card for an inaccurate, underhanded charge that BIG RENTAL CAR COMPANY had assessed me. About two weeks after I completed my rental, I received a note in the mail indicating that I owed them $75 for cleaning. Of course, I was frustrated and wasn't going to let them get away with that. What I didn't anticipate was all of the hoops I have to go through before finally taking it up with my card company. But I was successful! Here's how I did it.

Credit card customer service was painless, but it took awhile

credit cardAfter doing my due diligence and making the case directly with the rental car company, subsequently being routed from agent to agent, I decided to activate my card's rental car protection claim. Since I have a Chase United MileagePlus Card, this protection was included. Here's what I had to do:

First, visit the credit card customer service page. Next, I located the Contact Us section and proceeded down a gauntlet of drop down menus.  Finally, I found one related to making claims / protesting charges. Then, I made my case clearly and succinctly.

Several weeks passed and then I got a phone call asking for more details. No problem. I informed the Agent that I had tried unsuccessfully to fight a charge that I know that I had not made. "No problem, I will forward this to our rental car claims department." A few weeks went by and then I started receiving post cards int the mail providing me a claim status. Encouraging. Finally, after three more which basically said they were still working to settle the claim - presto - the claim was approved and I was to be refunded.

Bottom line- two points here. 1) Not all credit cards and their customer service are equal. My card had built-in rental car protection, which means I have reduced liability should a problem occur. 2) Persistence. Many would say the effort wasn't worth it. I disagree. It was a good chunk of change and by principal, I wasn't responsible for it.

Let me know if you have ever used your credit card's customer service protections to fight a charge and please let me know the result!

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