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New way to save money on restaurants with LivingSocial

LivingSocial, remember them? Well, they have had some challenges since the “daily deal” hey day, but they still exist. And, recently I learned of a new way to save money with them – LivingSocial Restaurants Plus. Restaurants Plus is another “card linked offer” that you can register for and earn up to 30% off your restaurant tab. Not bad if you planned on dining out anyway.

Save money with just a few steps

The sign up process is fairly straightforward. If you already have a LivingSocial account, you just need to take another step and register your credit cards to link them to the program. If you haven’t used LivingSocial in a while (you are not alone) chances are your existing credit card is expired.

Then, search for a participating restaurant (they vary by day / date / time), use that same credit card and automatically receive a refund in your LivingSocial account when the transaction is complete. Simple way to save money.

The first time after registering my card, I received a $5 credit, which made my breakfast sandwich nearly free. I haven’t tested this out yet, but it may also be possible to earn points / cash back with the RewardsNetwork for the same transaction. I will be doing a test search in the future to see if I can find a participating restaurant in both programs and see if it will work. Often, loyalty program networks operate off of the same platform – with different names or incentives – so if they see a credit card registered for one program with a similar incentive, like points or cash back, they may not let you register it or receive points in another similar program. Never hurts to try!  You should be able to make a reservation at OpenTable and still earn your points with them regardless.

Like many, since I do dine out often, I am always on the hunt for different ways to save money at restaurants. LivingSocial is a new tool in your savings arsenal.

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