Yahoo mail account hacking and why you should use different passwords

If you have a Yahoo mail account, you probably heard this past week that its systems were compromised dating back several years. Yahoo has, or will be, instructing all users to change their passwords immediately to limit that damage. I am not much of a Yahoo mail user these days, but I do have an account and am considering closing it. Yahoo did not handle the PR from this event well and I anticipate that given their potential sale to Verizon, this incident could derail or delay that transaction.

Given this event, it is a good reminder to not recycle passwords across accounts. Among financial accounts, personal email, work email, subscriptions, systems and services, we all likely have 30+ accounts to manage. Changing passwords frequently is a good idea, too. Understandably, this is all a total pain, but I have a solution that I have been using that will not only help with password security but password management, too. It’s called Dashlane and it has some pretty cool features that allow you to not only change your passwords automatically, but generate very strong passwords that are excellent for accounts like Yahoo mail and others.

Change your Yahoo Mail password easily and securely

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Dashlane comes in two versions, free and premium. The free version allows you to generate and store passwords on one machine. Each time you visit one of the sites in your list of accounts added, the tool will usually automatically log in for you. If there are multiple users for that same website, say you and a spouse, a window will pop and ask you to select the account in which you are trying to log in. The premium version runs at $40/year, but in my opinion, worth it. Since many of us have multiple machines between home and work and our smartphones, it’s very easy to have passwords that become out of sync and an otherwise total pain to manage.

The paid version of Dashlane allows synchronization of accounts, so if you change a password at home, it will recognize on your work computer or smartphone that the password has been updated. Best of all, regardless of the version you sign up for, the auto generated password is insanely complicated depending on the level of security you choose and not going to be easily compromised or stolen.  Dashlane isn’t the only game in town, but I previously used LastPass and they themselves were hacked.

Until we find alternative means of identity verification that are feasible, passwords aren’t going away anytime soon. Protect yourself by using a password manager, strong passwords, and frequent changes. And, if you are a Yahoo mail user, change your account today.


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