7 ways to save money on holiday shopping

Once again, scenes from Black Friday holiday shopping showed aggressive customers punching and shoving each other to get bargains. Totally unnecessary and here’s why. Today, I am going to discuss 7 ways you can save big bucks this season – and even all year long – on just about anything you may need.

You don’t need to do this to get shopping deals

To avoid a serious bruising to both your wallet and your body, try the following tools and tricks to save money when you are shopping.


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  1. Coupons. Tried and true and easier to use than ever. Visit sites like Retail Me Not¬†for major stores like Macy’s, and Coupons.com for your grocery store savings. Many of these coupons don’t even require you to print them out or hunt for them in a newspaper. They can be added digitally to a store loyalty card for painless purchasing.
  2. Card Linked Offers. In the past, I have discussed how you can save money by receiving statement credits, discounts, and other promotions through American Express, Master Card, and others.
  3. Android Pay (or other mobile wallets). Mobile phone wallet-affiliated discounts are increasingly popping up everywhere. A few days ago, I received a promo with Instacart for using Android Pay to pay at check out. Lyft and Uber are also offering similar promos, too.
  4. Discounted (or partially used) Gift Cards. One of my all-time favorite tools. Even when you think no discounts can be found at a major retailer, or even your CVS or Walgreens, discounted gift cards can help you save 10-15% or more. Recently, I snagged 35% off 1-800-Flowers using this method. Raise is a great site in which to buy these cards. Digital cards (or ecodes “electronic codes”) are nearly instantly available for online use.
  5. Sales. Well, of course, right? Be on the lookout for store circulars – in the store or online and time your purchasing accordingly if you can. There are many blogs solely dedicated to pairing up sales with coupons, and in many cases show how you can either pay next to nothing, or even “make” money at places like Walgreens or CVS.
  6. Compare Prices. It’s very easy to price search. Sites like Shopzilla make it easy to compare. Recently, I learned of another tool from Slick Deals that will email when prices drop. How cool is that?
  7. Book and re-buy hotels and car rentals. This is a very effective method for saving money on travel and I just used it again on a hotel reservation this morning. For an upcoming stay in Chicago, I ave booked and re-booked my Hilton reservation three times as the price keeps dropping. I am still a month out and I will continue to look for further price drops.

These proven shopping techniques can definitely help you save money all year round – and avoid a black eye. Once you employ them a few times, they will become a part of your money saving routine.

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