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Like to rideshare? Try pooling to save even more money

By now, unless you have been living in a cave for a few years you have heard about rideshare services such as Lyft and Uber, and maybe even newcomer, Via (which is built around commuting). Like many, I have used the biggies for a few years now and generally really enjoy their services. But, as I am always looking to experiment with ways to save money, I decided to try the “pooling” feature with these services. We’ll discuss them today.

First, Uber pool was fantastic. Not only did I save money on top of saving money by not using a cab, there was no one else riding with me. Full disclosure – it was a bit of an odd time of the morning so I can see why I was the only one. Second, my Lyft rideshare experience was by and large great, too. This time, there was one other passenger but they only rode with me for a short bit after which it was essentially my own low-cost, private Lyft ride. Finally, Via, which is only in DC, Chicago, and NYC, has been fantastic every time. Now, they differ from the other services in that they “pool” all of the time, and are only meant for commuting, operate on a limited basis, and don’t drop you off at your stop directly (a block or two away). But, when I have ridden with them, which has only cost at most $2.95 a ride, about half of the time I was the only one in the car. This past week has been especially sweet since they were offering $1 rides! ¬†Yesterday, I took a ride and the driver immediately handed me a bottle of water. My ride was essentially a wash at the point.

Pooling rideshare saves money with minor inconvenience


Credit: Lyft

Edge’s take – a little patience, inconvenience, and time can save you a lot of money on these types of rideshare services. And, that’s not all. If you are an Amazon shopper, and can wait a few extra days for your delivery, they will also reward you for patience. I have often been given Amazon credit by opting to wait a few extra days on deliveries I didn’t need right away.

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