How to save money while moving

Moving is never easy, no matter how close. The packing, the wrapping, the planning, and of course the actual moving part. If you are lucky enough that you don’t need to hire movers, that’s great, but it still means you probably have to bribe a friend with pizza and beer to do the job. Regardless of how far the move is, it’s going to cost you SOMETHING, so let’s look at a few ways you can save money when you do.

First, if you need to hire a mover, it’s always a good idea, as with any significant purchase, to get a few price quotes. I had to move recently and utilized to obtain multiple price quotes from reputable movers. (I do not have an affiliate relationship with them.) After providing my information, I received several quotes – almost too many – and several phone calls. But, it was helpful because after talking with a few of the moving companies, I realized that the services offered do vary. Some are just labor, some will also wrap furniture, some will store your stuff if needed, and some will do just about everything wrapping wise. After several quotes, I had a good sense of how I could save money on that part.

USPS can help you save money

save money

These folks can connect you to some serious money saving deals

Second, as part of your move, you will want to change your address. Sounds boring, but as soon as I did, I received many coupons both online and in the mail for a variety of places. Think Lowes, Xfinity, Amazon, Overstock, Bed Bath & Beyond, and others. Awesome! Those discounts ranged 10 to 25% or so and really helped me save money on things I didn’t need before like outdoor brooms and deck furniture.

Third, use this time to think about, and NEGOTIATE, all of those recurring expenses in your life such as insurance, cable, and cell phone service. The simple act of having to update your address with these folks is a reminder for you to ask yourself – Do I need this service still, and if so, can I get a better deal?

Bottom line here is that moving is not easy. Physically, emotionally, or financially. But, you definitely have a few tools you can use to help you save money where you might not have thought of before.

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