Got trash? How to save money on bulk trash removal

Ok, I will admit right off the bat that this is probably the most boring blog post you will read about how to save money. But hear me out. Recently, we moved to a new building and I noticed that there was a lot debris in the woods behind our building. There has been a lot of construction going on in the area and I think someone(s) got a little too lazy and dumped things they shouldn’t have. We live in a four unit building so it’s not like I could just call someone to handle the trash.

The challenge in all of this was that getting the trash removed from behind the building was the easy part. The hard part? How do I dispose of it. Normal trash service wouldn’t cut it by any stretch. I don’t they think regularly pick up broken chairs, beams, shopping carts, or building materials. Remembering an ad from a national junk removal service, I gave them a call and asked for a quote.

You won’t save money with national trash removal services

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When I called national junk removal service, the quote was somewhat understandably outrageous. There was basically a minimum truck order which was far more capacity than I needed.  No way I am going to save money there. Not feeling like spending hundreds, I thought a bit more about it. Wait. What if my current trash company provides bulk removal? Looking at their website, they offered such a service. So, I put a call in got a friendly rep on the line and explained what I wanted remove. “Take a picture and send it me,” she said. So, I did.

“That will be $35..” $35? Awesome. That beats the quote that large, national trash removal service gave me and I am really going to save using them instead of a third party. Bottom line, to save money on future bulk trash removal, call your trash company first.

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