How to save money on groceries while on vacation

Since it’s now August, many of us will be taking one last trip before summer’s end. While it may be easy to loosen the wallet a bit on vacation, there is a simple way to save money on a key component of travel – food. Today, we’ll discuss how you can enjoy vacation guilt free (at least less so) by keeping to your normal strategy to save on groceries.

Long time readers know I love coupons in all shapes, sizes, and forms. (Hint: cruise through my website and you will see a few examples.) Unless it’s a local shop that I likely will never visit enough to get any sort of reward for my purchase activity, I will register for any loyalty programs I can get my hands on. And, with more “digital” coupons being available through loyalty programs and such, it’s increasingly easy to save money relatively effortlessly on a variety of every day needs, including groceries. But, you may ask, “if I am traveling and my favorite grocery store is not available, what do I do then?” Great question! Let’s discuss the “out of town” money saving strategy.

Visit grocery websites to save money while on vacation

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Saving money while you are away does not have to be any harder than it is when you are home. Since you might not have a newspaper nearby to find coupons, you can still save using these steps.

Step 1. Do a scan of the area (if you already on the road) and take note of any grocery stores you see. As long as they don’t look too mom-and-pop, they probably are a chain of some sort. If you aren’t on the road and want to find a grocery store nearby, Google Maps is your friend, there.

Step 2. Once you have identified a store that may look like it belongs to a corporate outfit, visit their website, (for example and start surfing through it.

Step 3. Look for any keywords such as “Coupons,” Savings,” “Rewards,” or “Loyalty Program.”

Step 4. Register for the program.

Step 5. Look for the coupon section on the store’s website and “add” digital coupons to your loyalty card. There may be a few for items you intended to buy anyway, or for something that you’d normally only buy with a coupon because a generic version is typically cheaper, upgrade your purchase and still save.

Step 5. Visit the store and be sure you enter your phone number at checkout to save money!

I have used this strategy in multiple cities and it only took a second to register for a card. I’d rather spend vacation money on a vacation activity than on groceries, and I think you would too.

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