Need customer service? Twitter is your friend.

I have written before about using alternative tools to reach customer service agents can be very effective means of communication when you have an issue. Time and time again, I have used Twitter to achieve this goal and have been pleasantly surprised how responsive it actually is. Here’s another real-life application of how effective it actually is.

Yesterday, I wrote about having moved recently and our need to have bulk trash removed. In addition to that issue, a relatively minor problem I encountered was the mess of wiring strewn from the building next door that was on our property. While mostly an eyesore, it also had the potential to be a hazard for animals, kids, you name it. While we had large, regional cable company by to install our service (we can’t cut the cord, apparently) I asked them who’s messy cable line was on our property. Long story short, I found out it was large, national telecom company’s copper wiring (you know for landlines). With that bit of info, I contacted their customer service to see what they could do about it. I gave them all the info I had about the wiring and hoped that would be enough for them to act. Several weeks went by and didn’t hear anymore from them.

Customer service via Twitter to the rescue


customer service

Learn to tweet…it works.

Not content with the lack of response, I contacted the company’s Twitter account @BIGPHONECOMPANY and messaged them. Not more than a minute went by and their customer service responded right away. Apparently, using words such as “unsafe, hazardous” gets priority attention. The next day I was pleasantly surprised that a tech showed up to look at the issue. Long story short, we will get this issue taken care of, thanks to Twitter.

Here’s my advice here. Get to know Twitter, it’s not just for silly memes about celebrities and pictures of food with obnoxious hashtags.

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