How to save money on pets

As new dog owners of a rescue named “Iggy,” we are very proud dog parents. As we get to know her better, we are also becoming more aware of how expensive pets can be – but worth of it course! Today, we’ll discuss some strategies to saving money on them. These are only probably going to scratch the surface, but let’s start on a few, and I’d of course love to hear your ideas.

Let’s help you save money on pets like me


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Because my wife and I both work, and have a very active pooch, she needs a walk during the day while we are out. Probably one of the more initially stressful things to think about after we adopted our dog was who could we trust to care for as if it were their own dog. Fortunately, there’s, to use a cliche, “an Uber” for caring for pets. They offer walking services, boarding, sitting, boarding, and more. It’s pretty awesome. While on the site, you can easily compare prices and ratings to fit your needs and budget. When you sign up, you will get $20 off your first booking. Bonus tip – I have written about American Express offers (AMEX offers) previously which offer card-carrying customers significant discounts off a variety of dining, shopping, travel, and more services. Offers rotate, but recently, AMEX was offering $30 off for spending $75 or more. That’s easy to do with them. At about $20 / walk, that adds up.

Another tried and true strategy for saving on pets needs is to look for discount gift cards for places like Petco or Petsmart. I nabbed a gift card the other day that was offered at 7% off. Hey, I will take it. These are available all of the time, but especially during peak shopping seasons, could be limited to really high-value cards ($200+) which isn’t necessarily good to have kicking around your house even if you could easily spend that in one trip.

If you are a Petco shopper, don’t forget to sign up for their “Pals” program. Or, if you are a Petsmart person, they have their “Pet Perks” program. Both offer coupons after hitting certain spending thresholds.

One area that I need to do more research on is pet insurance, which is becoming increasingly more common and a benefit offered through my employer. Vet bills can be high, just like humans, and we don’t want to be caught off guard. But, I don’t want to overpay for something I don’t need, either.

What other methods can I use to save money on my dog?

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