Paypal benefits that you might now know about

Remember PayPal, one of the earliest, if not the first peer-to-peer payment service? Well, if you have forgotten that you had an account, now is the time to wipe off the digital dust and take full advantage of its many features. In addition to being able to send friends and family money, when you use […]

How to save money this year using these free tools

With the new year underway, it’s an excellent time to review your spending from last year to identify potential ways to save money, watch out for fraudulent activity, and monitor investments. Today, I am going to discuss just a few of the many tools out there to help you do so. Visual tools can show you […]

Saving money in 2017 could be even easier if 2016 is any guide

The final 2016 holiday and shopping season is upon us and it is definitely a great time to reflect on strategies you might have used for saving money on a wide variety of items this past year. I am going to summarize my best strategies and make some predictions as to where I feel we are […]

7 ways to save money on holiday shopping

Once again, scenes from Black Friday holiday shopping showed aggressive customers punching and shoving each other to get bargains. Totally unnecessary and here’s why. Today, I am going to discuss 7 ways you can save big bucks this season – and even all year long – on just about anything you may need. You don’t […]

How to find a hidden discount you might not know about

Long-time readers of this blog know that I like to negotiate deals and discounts with my cable, wireless, and insurance providers. Barring a radical change in the future in which we will no longer need to have Internet streamed into our homes, talk on a cell phone, or to protect ourselves from liability, we will […]