Retail spying – for better customer service or customer information?

One of my constant pursuits, especially with writing this blog, is to promote and improve customer service. Technology has simultaneously both improved and hurt interactions with customers by de-humanizing the shopping experience but also ironically providing greater opportunities for human interaction after the sale. For example, in the past, I have discussed how effective Twitter […]

Credit monitoring services that you might already have

Given my recent experience with identity theft, I though I’d take a few minutes to discuss some options for you to help prevent this from occurring to you. Besides taking the obvious physical precautions and not letting strangers into your home, there are electronic credit monitoring options available that you might already have access to. […]

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Lyft’s customer service is really good

I love using both Lyft and Uber as alternatives to taxis when it makes sense. They are on par overall with each other with customer service and I have had both good and bad experiences with both firms. And, it doesn’t always make sense to ride with them when “surge” pricing occurs, but rides still […]

Why I do what I do…

Friends and family, and hopefully my readers, have picked up on the fact that I like to advocate for consumers – whether it is to help them save money on any number of items, navigate customer service, or understand their options when problems with companies inevitably arise. But, other than a close few of you […]