Why some merchandise is locked up on drug store shelves

As a consumer issues blogger, I might pay more attention while shopping in drug stores than some. I am not just looking for deals, but also for new brands, merchandise, and good customer service. I also like to see if the store is being maintained well. Lately, I have begun to notice an increasing trend, seemingly, […]

Save money on Mother’s Day 2016 flowers

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the barrage of ads, Mother’s Day is fast approaching – May 8. But don’t panic as I have got you covered on how to save money on Mother’s Day flowers. And, unless you are fortunate to live close enough to hand deliver them to your Mom (not […]

Big money savings news – RetailMeNot acquires GiftCardZen

For big fans of discounted gift cards and coupon codes, like this blogger, this RetailMeNot acquisition is exciting and it could greatly simplify money savings strategies I have discussed many times before. For a while, I have been hoping for a more seamless coupon + discounted gift card shopping integration experience. This may be one more step […]

An update on my attempt to save money on my monthly bills

Last week, I discussed that I was going to try to save money on some of my monthly bills by negotiating with the service providers. I targeted three principal offenders – cable, mobile, and car insurance. Car insurance is legally necessary, and of course phones are hard to live without. Internet is practically on the […]

How to save money on monthly bills

Its early in the month which means all of my bills just posted this past week. Between reading several articles about strategies to save money on car insurance, cellular service, cable television, and gym memberships, I am embarking on a project to attack all of these bills. There are a few approaches to take on […]