When things go wrong with buying discount gift cards

Readers of this blog know that I am a huge fan of buying discount gift cards. When you are going to buy something, either online or in the store, and you have a pretty good idea what the final price is going to be, it makes a lot of sense to visit sites like Raise, […]

Super bowl food buying and how to reduce your costs

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, without a doubt one of the biggest events of the year. From food consumption to advertising to viewership, it’s a force. A few fun acts about the day will give you pause as to what the financial impact is on your wallet (if you are the average American). According to […]

Save money on recurring bills with Trim

A few days ago, I tweeted about a new free service called Trim which helps you identify recurring bills and flags them for possible cancellation. The service is definitely in my strike zone for helpful tools to help you save money. I finally registered yesterday and gave it a shot. One of the main reasons […]

Reader alert – parking garage rip offs

It is common knowledge that unless you can avoid it, or don’t have to pay for it, a parking garage might as well be a total money suck on your wallet. Parking at sporting events can run $50 or more, and here in DC, parking spots can easily run in the hundreds of dollars a […]