Kids Eating Free

Revisiting the topic of free food, which is always a good one, a friend sent me this article about where you can take your kids to eat for free (or at a substantial discount).  Great for those busy, tiring shopping days at the mall. The list isn’t organized comprehensively, per se, but you might find […]

How to Save Money While Staying in Hotels

Like many Americans this past weekend, I spent it away from home.  While most aspects of my saving strategy can be applied anywhere, one I am sometimes remiss with is utilizing printable coupons.  Since I do not travel with a printer, I have missed out on some good printable coupons that I have seen from […]

How to Get Free Lunches and Other Give-a-ways

Somewhere stuck among your wallet, suit pocket, or briefcase there is likely a stack of business cards that are going unused.  While networking is important, and you do not want to be without cards at an opportune moment, chances are your business cards could be working for you in other ways, too.  The next time […]

How to complain effectively and get compensated for it

I try to not to make it a habit, because let us face it, we all have had poor experiences with a Customer Service Representative, but sometimes you need to strike back by writing a complaint letter.  While it does take some time to pen a letter, it can be quite worth it. First, getting […]

How to Take Advantage of Post-Black Friday Shopping

As I predicted, there was some violence yesterday during Black Friday. Fortunately, no one was killed, unlike last year, but still, an embarrassment for society.  If you wisely avoided the crowds and mayhem as suggested, you can still take advantage of other peak shopping days to land fantastic deals.  Read about those days here. Don’t forget […]