How To Thrive and Survive “Black Friday”

With Thanksgiving looming, some may be thinking about their holiday shopping needs.  Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving has been a large one for retailers.  It is the day that many become “in the black” on their balance sheets.  Since Friday follows Thanksgiving, the name “Black Friday” was born. While history has shown that many deals […]

How To Prevent Eating Spoiled Food

In addition to making the best effort you can in saving money at the grocery by using coupons, grocery loyalty cards, and other means I have discussed, it’s also important to think about what happens to the food once you buy it.  What can often be a puzzling enterprise is deciphering manufacturer’s expiration or use […]

How To Avoid Identity Theft

A friend’s recent experience with identity theft is a good reminder for us all to be more careful with what we share both online and off. Something that I find quite alarming is the detail people share on sites like Facebook, such as full birth dates.  You can set FB so that it only shows your month and […]

Take Advantage Of Invitation Only Offers

These days, with everything web-driven, companies will try to steer you towards their websites at any time they can.  Television commercials very commonly feature a website, bus stop ads, toilets in bathrooms (yes, true), anywhere.  What they will also do is try to target certain market segments with some sort of discount promotion for a […]

Grocery Store Shopping Strategy

Other than using grocery store loyalty cards, which I have discussed at length, there are other factors involved, seen, and unseen, that will influence your shopping behavior.  These may either work for or against you.  I recommend carrying a calculator to help you determine unit prices. If I had the time, I would conduct an identical survey […]