How To Tip Properly

When I was out with friends recently, the subject of tipping came up.  I have written about this before, but worth a revisit, especially as the holidays loom.  This topic can be a bit awkward to discuss since the amount you decide to give may be impacted by several factors: 1) your income; 2) the […]

How To Beat The Winter Blues

Thinking a bit outside the box here, one of the things that tends to happen at this time of year when the clocks change and darkness falls early is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  Other than feeling dumpy, one of the things that might be a sympton of this condition is over-spending/eating.  You may rent more […]

How To Take Advantage Of Open Benefits Enrollment

Just a reminder that it might be the time (only twice a year, unless a major life event happens) for you to review your health care and other benefits.  This year, a growing theme is more consumer driven health plans, that is you, the consumer, taking more control of your health care costs vice your […]

Paying Bills On-line

Everyone has to pay bills: cable, utilities, mortgage, insurance, etc.  But, are you maximizing your return on paying your bills?  If you are simply just paying these bills by writing a check, you are missing out an opportunity to earn points, miles, or cash back.  Do this: look up your bill provider’s webpage and see […]

How To Get Paperless Coupons

Coupons are getting easier to use, and coupled with the post from a few days ago, the excuses for not using them based on inconvenience are growing more narrow.  As I have written about before, coupons that are “loaded” on to your grocery store loyalty cards are starting to catch on, Safeway for one, uses […]