How To Get Free Education

This November’s issue of Money has a great feature on taking advantage of free educational materials, such as lectures, that are being offered by top universities, such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford.  There are a variety of subjects, ranging from technology to business to history, of which you can learn.  There are a […]

How To "Super Coupon"

I came across this article this morning that should help inspire everyone looking to save a few bucks.  I will look forward to using the sites mentioned. On another note, I already have started to see ads and promotions for Black Friday deals.  If you aren’t aware of what Black Friday is, it’s when retailers […]

Another Tip For Buying Electronics

A reader wrote to me today about the merits of buying used electronics, like iPods, instead of buying them new.  I have used to buy a used laser printer in the past with great success.  Since I don’t plan on doing any major print productions at my house, I bought a very decent model […]

How To Make Vacations More Affordable

I have discussed many times the benefits of using point-earning credit cards as frequently as possible as long as you use them wisely.  The following testament (edited for brevity) is from my friend on the west coast that explains why using airline credit cards can pay off handsomely.  A disclaimer, everyone’s experience trying to cash […]

How To Get Free Financial Advice From the U.S. Government

While that headline might sound like a bit of an oxymoron in the wake of unprecedented Federal debt levels, the USG has been trying to stimulate your wallet long before enacting the Economic Stimulus package. You might not have realized the wealth of information that is available for consumers that can help you save money, […]