Use rewards programs to help save you money

A reader sent me this article a few days ago from Lifehacker about the “cost” of rewards programs.  I tout their usage quite a bit because I believe you are already paying for them as part of your purchase. Participating in loyalty programs can also be fun, easy, and in effect, help trim your cost for buying […]

How To Get Referral Bonuses

The next time you are poring through your rewards and loyalty programs’ websites (I do quite often as you might tell), look for a section on the site for referring your friends and you might be able to earn a bonus.  For example, on Amtrak’s Guest Rewards page, you can refer a friend to their […]

How To Get Athletic Wear For Less

The next time you are in the market for buying running shoes, shirts, socks, etc., look for an upcoming road race.  Before large 10 miler or marathon races, race sponsors will have a day or two of festivals where racers pick up their race packets and can get big discounts on clothes.  The great news […]

How To See Your Favorite Shows And Concerts For Less

This past week, just like tens of thousands of other fans, I went to see a major band that hails from Ireland. While our seats weren’t great (apologies to my guest) I was wondering to myself how much people paid on average for their tickets, especially if they were sitting in a better location.  When a […]

Don’t Buy An Extended Warranty

When shopping for electronics and big ticket items, make sure you don’t get caught with your wallet open longer than it needs to be.  These days, with retailers struggling, there is an even more intensive effort to ensure their bottom line stays in the black.  With so many avenues for shopping available, the consumer has […]