How Not To Over Tip At A Restaurant (Unless You Want to)

I was out with friends last night and when it came time to pay the bill, my friend hadn’t realized that the tip was already included in the final price. It made splitting the bill very easy but he almost added another tip on top of the 18% already factored in. He quickly realized it […]

How To Reduce Your Cable/Wireless Bills

The following true story is from a friend on the west coast who employed one of my tricks that helped him score a two-fer: lower cost and improved service from his cable provider–just with one short phone call. His story is as follows: “I never really look at my bills very much, but today I […]

Use Upromise to help you save money for college

College is widely considered to be one of the most expensive decisions many will need to save money early on to pay for. College tuition increases soundly beat inflation annually, which is not good. But, there are easy ways to help you prepare (for yourself or dependent) for this massive expenditure with the use of […]

How to take full advantage of your employee benefits

Hidden in all your employee benefits package paperwork, if you are lucky enough to even have a job, or one that has a good benefits package, are potentially some little known discounts to you.  A lot of people have head of flexible spending accounts which allow you to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for medical […]

When saving money is worth the effort

Occasionally, I have had debates with friends whether or not saving money it is “worth it” for the time spend researching coupons and comparing prices. Sometimes, yes, it’s not worth the trouble to spend precious free time or go out of your way to save. A good rule of thumb to use is how much your hourly […]